Game Review: Ben Wallace needs to accept responsibility


I love what Ben Wallace brings to the Pistons. If he wasn’t on this team, it would be the Nets.

And I’m OK with him being a subpar free-throw shooter. It’s not fair to ask him to excel at everything.

But he should be better than he is. It’s a mental block, and if he wasn’t too stubborn to admit it, he might have a chance to improve from the line. He’ll never be a great free-throw shooter, but he could make 50-to-60 percent.

The Spurs went to hack-a-Ben earlier in the week, and he didn’t take it well. From Chris Iott of MLive:

"Wallace threw his headband to the floor as he made his way to the bench. "It’s garbage," Wallace said when asked about the strategy.Wallace was asked how he felt about Kuester showing confidence by leaving him in so long while the Spurs employed the strategy."That’s garbage, too," Wallace said, then quickly ended the interview."

That’s unacceptable.

Wallace needs to take responsibility for his shortcomings. I’m going to sleep, but when I wake up, I hope I read about Wallace taking a different tone after tonight’s game.