This could be the farewell season for former Piston Antonio McDyess


I know he’s no longer technically a Piston, but Antonio McDyess is the one player from the last era of Detroit basketball who is almost universally revered by all fans (and trust me, consensus among Pistons fans is no easy task). It appears ‘Dyess is gearing up for one last run at a title. From the San Antonio Express-News:

"“I didn’t know what to expect when they signed me (in 2009), and I’m glad to be back,” McDyess said, “but I think this is it. I’m the oldest player (on the Spurs) now, and I feel like it. I’m not trying to see any more years. I’m pretty sure this is it.“My body just can’t take it. I’m not Juwan Howard. I can’t believe he’s still out there, even though he is in great shape.”"

It’s hard to root for the Spurs since they have a championship that feels like it should be in Detroit, but I found myself pulling for them in last year’s playoffs solely because of McDyess and I’ll probably do the same this year barring a miracle turnaround by the Pistons.