Detroit Pistons try to give out 50 free lower bowl season tickets, eleven people show up


The Pistons recently created the Power Plant, a 50-person group of the most energetic fans who would, ideally, fire up The Palace for every game. The idea was modeled after Milwaukee’s Squad 6 and Houston’s Red Rowdies,* both big success.

The Power Plant? Not so much. A whopping eleven people tried out, according to Neal Rubin of The Detroit News.

*Not the Izzone as the writer, who surprisingly didn’t attend Michigan State, mentioned twice.

In an era of downs for the Pistons, I think this is a new low.

But they’re still optimistic and haven’t given up on this plan:

"They’ll look for reinforcements anyway, though, with on-the-spot auditions at Friday’s 7:30 p.m. exhibition game against Memphis."

That seems like a fine idea – assuming 39 people show up to that game.