Pistons Power Plant can’t get online


If this isn’t a microcosm of what ails the Pistons franchise, I don’t know what is. The team is trying to find 50 hardcore, dedicated fans to ramp up excitement and support at home games this season. The fans, who would be sitting in what the team would call the Power Plant, would get free tickets in the lower bowl for all 41 home games. The only catch was that they had to commit to attending all 41 games, no exceptions. 300 fans signed up for the auditions … but only 11 people showed up.

Now the team is scrambling to hold more auditions, including an impromptu session at Friday’s preseason finale at The Palace. The Pistons are a team that led or were in the top 5 in attendance nearly every year since there championship run in 2003-04. Now they can’t even give tickets away.