Austin Daye’s offensive prowess? Austin Daye’s offensive prowess?

Austin Daye can score from anywhere on the court


Want to know the secret of Austin Daye’s offensive prowess? Hickory High may have discovered it.

Last season, Daye scored more efficiently than the league average from every distance, except 3-pointers. With his improved shooting from beyond the arc in the preseason, Daye could join a select group of players who shoot above average from all distances.

I think that makes Daye pretty tough to guard, especially for power forwards. Now, whether Daye can handle opposing power forwards in another story.

Speaking of, Hickory High also analyzes, with great depth, Daye’s impact at power forward compared to small forward. An excerpt:

"The most important areas for me are rebounding and net possessions. Daye is a very strong rebounder at the small forward position, but his numbers are way below average when compared to other power forwards."