Chris Iott at (my..."/> Chris Iott at (my..."/> has a roundup of Detroit Pistons predictions


Chris Iott at (my old stomping grounds) has a nice roundup of Pistons predictions from various media covering the team, and was kind enough to let PistonPowered participate. Although some (Laser) will most assuredly laugh at my 40-42 prediction, I can say with confidence that there is one person who will look worse than me. Take it away, Bill Simonson:

"The pressure is on for this team to make the playoffs. The seventh or eighth spot should be easy to secure."

Wow. In fairness to Simonson, though, no one really expects his opinions to be grounded in reason. Or based on strong analytical evidence. Or even vaguely coherent. There are about 37 teams in play for those 7th/8th spots in the East, all of them very evenly matched (read: not very good), so it will be no “easy” task for any team to attain those last spots, including the Pistons.