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Let’s all recuperate with a look at Kevin Garnett’s ‘toughness’


It has been a long couple of weeks for the Pistons and Pistons fans. Players fighting with coaches. Players fighting with fans. Charlie V declaring war on Kevin Garnett via Twitter. Everyone just needs to relax.

So courtesy of reader gmehl, here’s a compilation of KG’s ‘toughest’ acts. Pistons fans will like the confrontations with Jason Maxiell and Antonio McDyess. My personal favorite, though, was when KG was still in Minnesota and Anthony Peeler gave him a forearm to the face while Garnett just stood there glaring. He did glare with a lot of intensity though.

And seriously, someone needs to make the Garnett-Villanueva boxing match happen. Based on the ‘punch’ Garnett threw at McDyess in this video, that would be highly entertaining.