My, my how quickly people changed their tune on Greg Monroe


Greg Monroe has played tough for two straight games and I (and everyone) hope it continues. I really have no analysis to add, other than Charlotte’s front line of Nazr Mohammed and Boris Diaw isn’t all that imposing, so another good game from Monroe shouldn’t be out of the question tonight.

Quite a far cry from when he received two DNP-CDs to start the season. Vince Ellis noticed that too, from the opening line of his story today:

"Some observers were rushing to judgment on Pistons first-round pick Greg Monroe after he didn’t leave the bench for the first two games."

I do vaguely remember some observers rushing to judgment. Who were they again? Headline from Vince Ellis blog post from Oct. 28:

"You have to wonder if Greg Monroe will measure up"

To be fair, Vince was far from the only observer rushing to judgment. Caputo and Valenti acted the fools on the radio about it, and did so in a much more annoying and uniformed way.

But I think what everyone can agree on: if Monroe continues to play with the effort he showed against Boston and Atlanta, he’ll be starting a power forward very soon.