Rockets decide not to sign Dampier


After agreeing to a 1-year deal with the Houston Rockets two weeks ago, it appears both the team and Erick Dampier have decided to nix the contract and part ways, according to the Houston Chronicle. The team was off to a sluggish start and decided it would rather keep young rookie Jermaine Taylor instead of the veteran center.

As I wrote Sept. 27, if Joe Dumars really thinks the Pistons are a playoff-caliber team, and if he wants to see what his disparate parts are really capable of on the offensive end, it is incumbent on him to sign a legitimate big man. Dampier might not be a good post scorer, but he’s better than what the Pistons have and he can grab some offensive boards and be a big body in the middle that can help protect the paint with Ben Wallace.

The one drawback now is that Dampier would eat into minutes currently being occupied by rookie Greg Monroe, and he is getting better by the game.

For more on my reasons to sign Dampier to a 1-year deal, read my entire post from September.