John Kuester: Don’t read into Ben Wallace’s fourth-quarters absences


After Ben Wallace sat out for the last four fourth quarters, I reached out to the team for more info.


As far Wallace, he hasn’t played the last four fourth quarters. Was that due to the flow of the games? Were there matchup issues? Is the opponent intentionally fouling him a concern? Is it difficult for him to get loose after he sits? Going forward, can we expect to see Wallace sit in the fourth quarter more often than not?


"There is no specific reason why Ben hasn’t played in the fourth quarter other than flow of the game,” Pistons coach John Kuester said through a team spokesperson. “…We’re monitoring his minutes to keep him fresh throughout the course of a long season.

"The fact that Ben draws intentional fouls is not a concern to me because I have tremendous confidence in Ben and his ability to perform on the floor.

"Ben is a pro and keeps himself ready throughout the game. We will monitor his minutes throughout the year to keep him fresh, but he’s always a big part of our success."