Ken Berger at CBS sports:
Ben..."/> Ken Berger at CBS sports:

CBS: Pistons want to be part of Melo deal


This is my kind of inside info, courtesy of Ken Berger at CBS sports:

"Ben Golliver pretty well summed it up in his piece about the colliding eras in Detroit: The Pistons are a mess. Though Rip Hamilton’s contract, with $21.5 guaranteed over the next two seasons heading into CBA uncertainty, will be exceedingly difficult to move. But Tayshaun Prince, with an $11.1 million expiring deal, already is generating interest among teams looking to get their payrolls in order. Sources say the Pistons are expected to make their interest known in participating in the Carmelo Anthony talks as a third team, with Prince satisfying part of what Denver is looking for as a wing player on an expiring deal"

While many have speculated that the Pistons COULD be involved in such a deal, it is nice to see at least a little corroboration of the Pistons’ interest. As an aside, that Golliver piece linked above is a good, albeit depressing, read.