Welcome ‘Pistons by the Numbers’ to the blogging world


For longtime readers of this and every other Pistons site out there, you’ve probably bumped into Ben Gulker, aka brgulker, in the comments a time or three.

Well, Ben has his own Pistons blog now, part of Dave Berri’s Wages of Wins Network, covering the Pistons from an advanced statistics perspective using the wins produced stat. Ben’s blog, Pistons by the Numbers, already has a few posts up (I was apparently asleep at the wheel and just now realized that he had a blog, so apologies for not linking sooner), so check it out if you’re interested in the Pistons or the WP stat.

Even if you’re skeptical of wins produced or other advances stats, it’s still interesting to read about them and challenge your own conventional thinking, even if you come away with your opinion unchanged.