Remembering the good ol’ days with Bill Laimbeer


SLAM Magazine posted an archived interview with Bill Laimbeer over the weekend that ran in the magazine after Laimbeer had taken a job as an assistant coach with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

It’s worth a read, especially for fans interested in a quick diversion from the bleak present tense of the Pistons. Among the highlights: Laimbeer talks about having no regrets about not shaking hands with the Chicago Bulls after losing in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals, he shares thoughts on playing with Isiah Thomas and he talks about the controversial (at the time) Mark Aguirre for Adrian Dantley trade. He also talked about current Piston Ben Wallace and what Wallace has meant to the team:

"SLAM: This team (the 2004 title team) was very unusual in not having a single focal point, a la Isiah, Michael, Bird or Magic.BL: Ben Wallace is a very strong leader. He was the guy and everyone on the team knew it. It is certainly unusual to have a defensive rather than offensive player in that role, but leadership is leadership and it doesn’t matter where it comes from."