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Tweet-troit: Greg Monroe is becoming quite the prolific Twitter user


There are a handful of NBA players who are very entertaining to follow on Twitter. Pistons rookie Greg Monroe is quickly becoming one of them.

First, he shows he’s a man of principles when it comes to Twitter etiquette:

"RT @Cwright_4 its funny how ppl tweet but dont respond to texts lol < son I hate that. Its disrespectful on the low. Lol"

He’s also not a fan of these shoes. I can’t say I blame him.

"#random but if any girl eva have on the them nike/jordan heels from facebook, idk what i would do, but they def would lose my respect!"

It’s good to see Monroe is a student of classic comedies:

"Cosby show! I haven’t seen this in foreva.#question yall like tichina arnold more as Pam on martin or chris momma? She hilarious as both."

Monroe made a trip to the mall this week. And was rewarded handsomely:

"The workers at Mrs. Fields gave me a free slice of cookie cake. #ftw"

He also took a moment to celebrate a milestone with his fans:

"everybody take a shot. we celebratin my 3,000th tweet in #clubtwitter lol"