Tracy McGrady should supplant Tracy McGrady should supplant

John Hollinger: Tracy McGrady is ‘clearly’ the best passer on the team


Just to follow up on the ongoing discussion of whether Tracy McGrady should supplant Rodney Stuckey as the team’s starting point guard, John Hollinger weighed in on the topic in his ESPN chat today (Hat tip: Steve Kays):

"I’m not sure he (McGrady) has the legs to start every night — he looked like he needed a nap in the Charlotte game — but he’s very clearly the best (only?) passer on the team and it’s a marked difference from watching Stuckey and Bynum pound it for 23 seconds."

Also, for what it’s worth, McGrady told SLAM’s Eric Woodyard that the Boston game was the best he’s felt on a court since 2008.