Bob Wojnowski and Jamie Samuelsen justly take digs at Rodney Stuckey


Bob Wojnowski of The Detroit News:

"And Dumars hasn’t taken strong enough command. But he did spend several seasons protecting Stuckey, refusing to trade him, and this is the reward he gets? Another uncoachable malcontent?"

Jamie Samuelsen of the Detroit Free Press:

"“But just think about what reportedly happened Friday. Rodney Stuckey refused to play basketball. He didn’t just ignore Kuester, he ignored his team and the sellout crowd at the Palace. He ignored all of the great players who had come before him. He blatantly ignored the halftime ceremony during which Dennis Rodman and the Bad Boys were honored for being one of the great teams in NBA history. Saddest of all, he ignored his love basketball. Maybe it’s dead in him, but it didn’t used to be.”"

I was pleased to see Wojo and Samuelsen write these articles. Rodney Stuckey deserves to take some heat for how he’s acted lately.