Dumars safe; Life on Dumars doesn’t need to contemplate name change


It’s very rare that I get excited over anything written or uttered by Rob Parker, but consider this an exception:

"There will be changes in Detroit when Tom Gores officially takes over as owner of the Pistons.One thing that won’t change, however, is the man in charge.According to a source close to the situation, Pistons president Joe Dumars will keep his gig — even after the ownership change.Gores, a billionaire California investor, agreed to buy the team Friday. He’s expected to be approved by the NBA and take control of the franchise in June."

First, this is a relief to the beleaguered brain trust here at Life on Dumars, who couldn’t imagine changing the name of the blog or of migrating to wherever namesake Joe D. winds up next. Second, for all the criticisms thrown at Dumars in the past four or five years, I think he’s still a hell of a GM, and I have faith that he can build up the Pistons if given another opportunity.