Tom Gores’ previous experience managing sports teams (his children’s)


Peter Lattman of DealB%K spent a day with Tom Gores two years ago, and in the context of Gores’ purchase of the Pistons, Lattman wrote about Gores’ passion for his children’s sports teams. Lattman has a few interesting details, but this story stood out to me:

"Kenneth D. Moelis, chief executive of the investment bank Moelis & Company, has helped coach the basketball squad that his and Mr. Gores’s teenage daughters joined. Throughout the season, Mr. Gores would send Mr. Moelis e-mails with lengthy critiques of the team’s progress. In the spring of 2008, just hours after the team lost by a point in the championship game, Mr. Gores was pensive.“We will strive to be better next year,” Mr. Gores wrote in one e-mail. “What else is there? Tough for you and I to swallow but the journey was good and in the big picture everybody won. Don’t worry I am still in pain. Tomorrow is a new day.”Just as it is for the Detroit Pistons."