Catching up with retired players, including a few former Pistons


If you’re interested in a fun way to waste a few minutes, check out this post by Mark Deeks of the great Sham Sports (seriously, if you’re interested in accurate salary cap figures, Sham should be your go-to site if it isn’t already). Continuing his tradition, he tracks down a lot of names you may have forgotten who have recently stopped playing basketball professionally and updates what they’re doing now. Here are a few Pistons who made his list:

"Stacey Augmon – Augmon is an assistant coach for the Nuggets.Elden Campbell – Campbell is having an incredibly low-key retirement. Got nothing. Not even a home town.Kelvin Cato New Kelvin Cato information is scarce. According to his Twitter bio, he “just chills.” So here’s some old Kelvin Cato information. In 1999, Kelvin Cato created a children’s book.Mateen Cleaves – Cleaves works two jobs – he does analysis for Detroit Pistons games, and owns a record label to which Jon Connor is signed.Michael Curry – Curry is associate head coach (i.e. lead assistant) for the Sixers.Dale Davis – Dale Davis carefully selects business ventures that create optimistic revenue streams and make worthwhile contribution to society by creating employment with positive social reinforcement.Tremaine Fowlkes – I don’t understand what all this is, but it appears Tremaine Fowlkes’s real estate company won a big judgement, but then lost it on appeal.Darvin Ham – Ham is the head coach at the D-League’s New Mexico Thunderbirds. His assistant coach is Sean Rooks.Allan Houston – Technically, Allan Houston is the assistant general manager with the New York Knicks. However, given the lack of clarity that now exists with the Knicks’s front office situation – whereby GM Donnie Walsh seems to have less authority in the decision making process than the head coach of a struggling Sun Belt Conference team – it is unclear from the outside quite what Houston’s role entails.Lindsey Hunter – Hunter is a a player development assistant for the Chicago Bulls, a role he held in an unofficial capacity towards the tail end of his playing days.Horace Jenkins – Jenkins – who spent three years as a postman before going to college, becoming one of the nine players in Division 3 history to play in the NBA, a former NCAA Slam Dunk champion, and one time Piston – last played in 2008 and cannot be traced since that time.Christian Laettner – A few years ago, Laettner was rich enough to almost buy the Memphis Grizzlies. This is no longer the case, however; his real estate business, ran with former team mate Brian Davis, has fallen on hard times, recently defaulting on a $3 million loan to Shawne Merriman. Laettner is now trying to make it as a coach. To that end, Laettner has started his own basketball academy, the website to which carries this message:"

"I offer discounts to all players, teams and coaches who hail from the states of Kentucky, North Carolina and Connecticut. This comes from the compassion and generosity of my heart and soul for causing you all so much pain, agony and hate over my four year career at Duke!!"

"Obvious troll is obvious.Aaron McKie – McKie is an assistant coach with the Sixers.Olden Polynice – Polynice runs his own personal training service, Next Star Basketball. How does his price list stack up to that of the aforementioned Pat Burke? See for yourself.Zeljko Rebraca – Rebraca is now a businessman, having recently opened a fitness centre in his home town of Sombor, within a shopping centre that he had previously invested in. Rebraca’s total investment is said to be worth $8 million.Don Reid – Reid has teamed up with former Pistons employee Mike Ford to open Increase Sports, a youth development program. He also still works for the Pistons as an ambassador.Bob Sura – Last time we checked in on Bob Sura, he owned a Saturn car dealership. Given that Saturn have since gone under, it is unlikely that this is still true. He cannot be traced since the last update.Corliss Williamson – Corliss Williamson’s ascent up the coaching ladder continues; he is now the head coach at Division 1 Central Arkansas. Unfortunately, the Bears went 5-24 in Corliss’s debut season, the only wins coming against Hendrix College, Champion Baptist College (who they beat by 71 points), Lyon College, Southeast Louisiana and Chicago State. Rough start."

There are dozens more names on the list who will surely make you say, “Hey, I vaguely remember that guy!” Also, you will find out the strange sport Antonio Davis is now coaching.