Jonas Jerebko explains what he finds attractive in women


Jonas Jerebko is apparently waiting in a lobby, and he’s bored, so he decided to answer a few question on Twitter this afternoon. (He might still be going.)

As Graham pointed out, Jerebko has no shortage of female fans. But what does he like in the ladies? Jerebko says:

"@JJ33FanPage fun, smart, social and doesn’t hurt if she’s beautiful 🙂"

It also apparently helps if you’re Swedish. Exposfan27:

"@JonasJerebko how hot are the women in sweden?"


"@Exposfan27 very hot"

And Jerebko also likes having met you – especially if you want to get serious. Heyhockeytown:

"@JonasJerebko will you marry me??? Im scandinavian too. Well half norwegian.."


"@heyhockeytown its a little early. We haven’t even met. Lol"