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Pistons must return to ticket-selling ways


Yahoo!’s Kelly Dwyer raises some questions about this dubious Free Press headline that states, “A solid year for Pistons, Palace Sports and Entertainment.”

Dwyer points out that although Palace Sports and Entertainment might be on solid footing, the Pistons should definitely be concerned about their low attendance figures, which dipped to 18th in the league this season:

"Despite several franchises losing money last season, NBA attendance is still on the up and up. And for a Pistons team that used to rake attendees in even when things weren’t going all that well to drop from near the top to 18th? This is telling. This community has tuned out this team in ways that can’t be explained by the dwindling population in the city of Detroit, or the area’s depressed economic state. That would result in a drop, no doubt, but not this far."