Detroit Pistons forward Austin Daye has grown a half inch, lost 10 pounds


Austin Daye has grown about a half inch since the Pistons drafted him in 2009, according to Perry A. Farrell of the Detroit Free Press. At that time, he measured 6-foot-9.75 without shoes and 6-foot-10.75 with shoes, according to DraftExpress.

Daye also lost about 10 pounds during the season, according to Farrell. So, those 10 pounds he added during the offseason mean he’s just back to square one. Arnie Kander explains:

"The problem is once you start to run during an NBA season, you’re going to lose at least 10 of that during a season just because of the nature of the schedule. You’re constantly running, not much recovery and all of that."After two years of an NBA life, the body starts to adapt and it starts to learn it has to push through different levels of soreness. He has to be able to eat when the body is extremely exhausted and tired. You have to push fluids when you can’t put anymore in your system. It’s as much a mental adaption as it is a physical one.""