Greg Monroe still unsure about changing his number


SECAUCUS, New Jersey – He will. He won’t. He will. He won’t. He will. He won’t.

“Right now, I’m still in limbo,” Greg Monroe said of changing his No. 10 after the Pistons retired it this season for Dennis Rodman. “I don’t know when I’ll make my decision.”

Monroe previously said he hoped to keep the number with Rodman’s approval, which the Worm gave. But Monroe recently said he was reconsidering.

The center said he’s not not thinking about a particular replacement number – yet. But he’s in the process of sorting that out, along with whether he wants to change at all. So, what goes into the decisions?

“A lot of stuff,” Monroe said, adding he doesn’t want to get into the specifics.

Obviously, this isn’t a huge deal either way. Onto to more serious issues shortly – like which way hollow plastic balls will bounce randomly in a bin.