Talking NBA Draft at


I participated in ESPN’s 5-on-5 series today, discussing the NBA Draft. For those who have been following the Draft Dreams series here, I touched on some points I’ve made in some of those posts, but here is the gist of my responses to the ESPN topics:

  • I think (obviously) that Irving, Williams and Kanter, in that order, are the top three players in the draft.
  • I think that Reggie Jackson is almost criminally underrated.
  • I think that had Darius Morris and Nikola Vucevic stayed in school and continued to improve, they would’ve been considered even better prospects next year.
  • I think Jimmer Fredette will be a fine offensive-minded sixth man in the league.
  • I hope one of the teams in the lower half of the lottery (preferably the Pistons) wins it.