Joe Dumars’ presence could get the Detroit Pistons an interview Enes Kanter


Enes Kanter’s agent, Max Ergul, has apparently been selective about granting teams interviews with his client. But a select group of general managers, including Joe Dumars, won’t have a problem sitting down Kanter. Ergul, via Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated:

"On a meeting with San Antonio (No. 29): "I think coach [Gregg] Popovich has an opinion that really matters. If [Detroit president of basketball operations] Joe Dumars or Pop calls me or [Lakers general manager] Mitch [Kupchak] and asks for an interview, I’m not going to deny that. They may or may not get him, but I will give them their seniority. They are the guys who earned it. It’s the same thing with Kevin O’Connor.""

This is an overlooked advantage of having a respected general manager like Dumars, and it will never show up on a list of transactions. If Dumars meets with Kanter and then passes on him in the draft at least partially as a result of that meeting, you’ll never hear about it.