Ron Swanson, er, I mean Ben Wallace loves breakfast food


Heather Zara of has a cool new feature where she talks to players about their favorite foods. Up today, Ben Wallace:

"Zara: If you had to choose just one food to eat for the rest of your life for breakfast, lunch AND dinner, what would it be?Wallace: It would be breakfast- grits and eggs, a little sausage on the side. I’d eat breakfast all day, everyday."

Wallace also says he’s the only Piston who can cook.

"Zara: Can you cook?Wallace: I’m from the south. I can do anything. You don’t get to be my size by not being able to cook.Zara: Well then, what is your specialty?Wallace: I don’t know… I haven’t cooked in a while. My first year in the league all I used to do was bake some macaroni and cheese and fry some chicken. The other guys think I can cook for real so I had to show them."