Former Pistons Bill Laimbeer, Dennis Rodman remembered for Finals performances


The Good Men Project is running a series parodying the NBA’s weird talking ball commercials. Basically, several writers are coming up with their favorite Finals moments that they’d like to see a creepy animated talking ball discuss. A couple of former Pistons made the cut.

Here’s Tim Burke on Bill Laimbeer:

"The first NBA Finals I remember, 1988, lends itself to my strongest NBA Finals memory. I grew up (and remain) a Cavs fan, but my best friend was a Pistons fan. I’ve always been a contrarian by nature, so that meant I was pulling hard for the Lakers.Game Seven is remembered for a lot of things and a lot of strong visual images, most notably the sheer number of people surrounding the court on all sides in the final moments, and the storming of the court that followed the Lakers’ win. I couldn’t join in those fans’ celebrations, though, because moments before I’d swapped allegiances and become a Detroit supporter, if only momentarily. What did it?Bill Laimbeer."

And Peter Schrager discusses Frank Brickowski, but more importantly, offers up this Youtube clip of one of the greatest examples of Dennis Rodman’s ability to irritate opponents: