Milwaukee reporter says Tayshaun Prince will end up with the Clippers


This is coming from a bit of an odd source, and there are no details given to back it up, but hey … it’s a newspaper writer, and those guys are always credible, unlike the lowly bloggers around here, who are just shameless rumor-mongers, right?

Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times in Wisconsin, who covers the Milwaukee Bucks, added this one-liner in a recent story:

"Best rumor of day: Some how, some way, Detroit’s Tayshaun Prince will end up with the Clippers next season."

It would be nice to know where he heard that from, but it does make some sense for all parties involved. Prince is from California. The Clippers need a small forward and a savvy veteran to put next to young building blocks Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon and Eric Bledsoe. They could even do a sign and trade and give the Pistons a big man (albeit an expensive and injury prone one) in Chris Kaman.

Basketball-wise, this makes a ton of sense. But why would anyone willingly play for Donald Sterling?