Pistons probably won’t hire Isiah Thomas


Everyone has a strong opinion about whether the Pistons would hire Isiah Thomas, but not everyone agrees. Chad Ford of ESPN with the latest:

"Charles (San Jose)How would the Pistons’ fanbase react on the odd chance of Isiah being their next coach? Is that the last place he’s still held in high regard?Chad Ford   (1:27 PM)Consider it a professional courtesy. They aren’t hiring Isiah."

Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press:

"For those asking about Isiah or Laimbeer coaching the Pistons: They are as likely to give the job to Rodman."

"Isiah’s rep benefits from reports the Pistons might hire him. Pistons probably won’t deny — why alienate an icon? But they won’t hire him."

I think Ford and Rosenberg nailed it.