Detroit Pistons Draft Dreams: Jordan Hamilton


Depending on where the Pistons plan to use Austin Daye (is he a shooting guard?) and Jonas Jerebko (is he a power forward?), there could be significant minutes available at small forward if, as expected, the Pistons lose both Tayshaun Prince and Tracy McGrady to free agency. If the bigs the Pistons covet are off the board, their lottery pick could be the best place in the draft to find NBA-ready small forward help.


Measurables: 6-foot-7, 220 pounds sophomore F from Texas

Key stats: 18.6 points, 7.7 rebounds, 2.1 assists per game while shooting 44 percent

Projected: Top 15

How would he help the Pistons?

Numbers-wise, this is what I like best about Hamilton: in his second year at Texas, his minutes, shot attempts and role in the offense all went up from his first season. His efficiency also went up with the increased usage. Hamilton improved his field goal percentage (44 percent from 41 percent), 3-point shooting (39 percent from 37 percent) and he improved his free throw shooting (78 percent from 58 percent). He is a pure scorer who gets his points in a variety of ways and he’s a very good rebounder for a wing player.

Plus, the last time the Pistons ended up with a small forward out of Dominguez High School in Compton, that worked out pretty well for them.

How wouldn’t he help the Pistons?

Hamilton has some notable things he needs to work on — he’s not elite when it comes to putting the ball on the floor and even though his jumper is effective, he has funny mechanics that might need to be tweaked a bit to help him get shots off quicker in the NBA. Like many young college wings, Hamilton needs to improve his shot selection and cut down on turnovers a bit. He’s also not a great passer yet. Although he’s strong and quick, suggesting he has the tools to get better in this regard, he’s not yet a good defensive player.

What are others saying?

From DraftExpress:

"Hamilton has been absolutely terrific moving off the ball and utilizing these short curls for quick catch and shoot jumpers from the elbows, and has been even better sealing his man off on the block (a staple of the flex) and going to work. He has the ability to overpower defenders in the paint with his strong body, but also has the skill-level and finesse moves to utilize nifty footwork and finish in all kinds of creative ways around the paint, especially with his jump-hook."

From ESPN:

"I expect we’ll be seeing Texas’ Jordan Hamilton rising on boards in the next few weeks. NBA scouts have always loved his talent. They believe he’s one of the few guys in this draft who could average 20 ppg in the NBA. He measured well for a small forward (6-8 with an 8-8 standing reach) and I’m told he was very good in interviews. If teams feel confident that he’ll mature and quit taking crazy shots, he’s a very interesting prospect who could go as high as the Kings at No. 7. The Bobcats, Warriors, Suns and Rockets also have major interest."

From the Austin Statesmen:

"Hamilton is a prototype swingman who at 6-7 can post up smaller players, but also rebounds well on the defensive glass. “I noticed he’s taken 200 more shots than the second leader on their team,” (former AAU teammate and Arizona player Derrick) Williams said, giggling. “But he always took the most shots in AAU, high school. … “"