Peter Vecsey: Mark Jackson was the Pistons’ top choice for coaching vacancy


Peter Vecsey of the New York Post (hat tip: I am a GM):

"Fact is, ESPN’s report is wrong. Dumars had prioritized Mark Jackson and was on the phone with Steve Kauffman the night before the Warriors announced his client had been hired. There was no second choice and that remains the case. But Thomas, and in all probability Laimbeer, will not be considered when a candidate list is shaped."

Plain and simple, Vecsey isn’t a very reliable source. I’m just sharing that this news is out there. I doubt the Pistons wanted Jackson. At least, I hope they didn’t.

I’m not sure whether Vecsey knows Dumars wanted Jackson and wrote it cutely about the phone call or whether he knew about just the phone call and read between the lines about Jackson. If it’s the latter, Vecsey unwittingly offers another explanation:

"Interestingly, Kauffman also represents former Knicks assistant Mike Malone who interviewed for the Golden State opening."

Mike Malone is the son of former Piston assistant Brendan Malone. I expected Mike Malone to at least be on the Pistons’ list. Perhaps, that’s why Dumars was speaking with Kauffman – if he was at all.