Rock out with the lockout


It’s 12:01 a.m. Eastern, and that means the NBA’s lockout is officially underway. That certainly puts a damper on July 1, typically an exciting day when free agents can begin meeting with teams.

But fret not – or at least don’t fret too much. We’re still here, and we’re not going away. Plus, our site won’t regress back to the “stone ages.” We might even make upgrades!

We have a lot planned for the summer:

  • A book club
  • Continuing Assist Charts
  • Ranking the Pistons’ seasons

That’s just the start. We have a few more ideas we’re kicking around, too.

I can also say with almost complete confidence, there will be a next season. I have no idea when it will begin, but I can’t imagine the NBA will fold. So, that means we’ll continue to look back on last season with an eye on next year. Especially, we have a few rookies who we don’t know as much about to analyze.

And we’ll cover that whole player-owner thing, too.

So, please, stick around. There’s no hiding that the lockout stinks, but we’ll do our best to keep this site enjoyable during the stoppage.