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John Calipari invites Tayshaun Prince, Brandon Knight and other former Kentucky players to work out in Lexington during NBA lockout


Kentucky coach John Calipari tweeted:

"I reached out to every former Wildcat that’s in the NBA dealing w/ this lockout to tell them our facility is available to train if needed."

"If they want to finish up some school work while in Lexington, we will help with that as well."

"We just want to make sure all our players know that it’s all about family here at UK. #WeAreUK #LaFamilia"

This is why Calipari is the best at what he does. For one, he’s drawing attention to how many NBA players Kentucky has produced. Secondly, he’s showing how well Kentucky takes care of its own. Both should help with recruiting.

Oh, and besides all the personal benefits, Calipari is just doing something nice for players like Tayshaun Prince and Brandon Knight.