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Where does Darko Milicic rank among David Kahn’s worst moves?


The bungling of Minnesota Timberwolves GM David Kahn was the subject of today’s ESPN 5-on-5 roundtable, and I gave my thoughts on a few of the topics. One question asked what Kahn’s worst move was. I picked Darko Milicic — not because Darko hasn’t been fine for what they’re paying him, but because Kahn seemed so love-struck by him:

"Patrick Hayes, PistonPowered: Darko Milicic. Not signing him; talking about him. Kahn never let go of an opportunity to hyperbolically sing the praises of a player whose limits had long ago been exposed. If Milicic had never come into Kahn’s life, Kahn would seem a little less crazy now."

Here are the five questions if you’d like to participate in the comments:

"1. Should the Wolves have fired Kurt Rambis?Note: Rambis was 32-132 overall, 17-65 last season2. How would you describe the process that led to Rambis’ removal in one word?3. Should the Wolves fire David Kahn?4. Over his two-plus years in Minnesota, what’s been Kahn’s biggest mistake?5. What’s your favorite memory from the Kahn-Rambis “era”?"