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Celebrate Dennis Rodman’s Hall of Fame induction by buying some of his stuff


I’m admittedly a huge Dennis Rodman fans, and although this hutch would really tie my living room together, but I don’t know that I could find too much in Rodman’s vast collection of stuff going up for auction Aug. 10 that would be of use. The Basketball Jones lists some of the items available:

"But it’s not just clothes. It’s also random household items, like a pool table, box full of CDs (including Pearl Jam’s “Vs.” duh), or filing cabinets. Just spend a couple of hours here and you can outfit an entire house with the finest in Dennis Rodman furniture. Can’t recommend the couch, however. Some things never really wash out.If you’re a Dennis Rodman collector, there are some great finds as well. For instance, you can buy Dennis’ own 1995 AllState Good Hands Award, a Rodman Detroit Bad Boys hard hat or a copy of every book Dennis Rodman ever wrote. There’s something for everyone at the Dennis Rodman auction. Yes, even you, Mr. Dolls Collector."