ESPN’s #NBARank has Chris Wilcox at number 330


As many of you who are on Twitter have no doubt seen, the NBA is in the midst of ranking the top 500 players in the league.

Chris Wilcox was just unveiled at No. 330. For a refresher on how the rankings were devised, a bunch of ESPN personalities and writers and TrueHoop Network writers voted on every player in the league, rating them on a 1-10 scale. The average score of each player was then taken to determine the order.

So far, the only Pistons to rank lower than Wilcox are Kyle Singler at No. 446 and Vernon Macklin at No. 498. Obviously, Wilcox should be higher on the list when compared to some teammates he was clearly better than last season (looking at you, Jason Maxiell). But Wilcox’s ranking is probably to a large degree a result of his overall body of work in a career where he’s underachieved significantly.

To participate as the rankings are unveiled, follow the #NBARank hashtag on Twitter. And if you come up with good one-liners about each player, ESPN has been retweeting and posting the best tweets on