Tayshaun Prince is among the best left-handed players in the league


Another day, another Piston snubbed from a list. This NBA offseason is turning into an offseason of lists, but Kevin Burke of the Hoop Doctors has an interesting one: who are the best left-handed players in the league?

Although Burke lists Tayshaun Prince as an honorable mention, he deserved better than that. There aren’t too many guys in the top 10 I can argue Prince is better than, but there’s one who clearly shouldn’t be ranked ahead of Prince: Micheal Redd. Redd was a really good player at one time, but he’s only played in 61 games over the last three years. There’s no way he’s better than Prince.

And oh yeah, the Pistons have another lefty who merited at the very least honorable mention consideration in Greg Monroe.