Henry Abbott of TrueHoop:

The way the NBA te..."/> Henry Abbott of TrueHoop:

The way the NBA te..."/>

Tom Gores a pro-revenue sharing hawk


Henry Abbott of TrueHoop:

"The way the NBA tells it, all 30 owners are perfectly united, on every issue from hard caps to revenue sharing.Of course, it cannot be so. Human nature dictates some owners are doves — eager to play the upcoming season — while others are hawks, who would risk ditching a season in the name of a new collective bargaining agreement that strongly favors owners."

Abbott has a nifty chart sizing up each of the 30 owners. Here’s what he wrote about Tom Gores:

"HAWK: The Pistons were once a good business. Gores — an L.A. based private equity investor — is intent to run the team like a business and wants all the help he can get from a new CBA."

Abbott also explains Gores revenue-sharing thoughts:

"Tom Gores plays his cards close to his chest, but the armchair analysis is that his team would likely be in a beneficiary in most systems."