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Don’t call Austin Daye soft


Ben Golliver of BlazersEdge and CBS Sports is in Las Vegas for the Impact Training Series where Austin Daye is currently playing along with several other pros. Golliver caught this exchange between Daye and Dahntay Jones of the Indiana Pacers:

"Dahntay Jones calls Austin Daye soft. Daye replies by signaling towards media & saying, “You’ve got the worst game in here, ask any of them”"

Boom, roasted. I’ve said this a few times, but there is no Piston I’m more excited to watch once the season starts than Daye. I’m not yet convinced that he’s anything more than a solid shooter/bench scorer at the NBA level, but I think he’s had a great offseason, and stories like that give me hope that his toughness and confidence, two aspects of his makeup that needed some work, have improved.