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Rodney Stuckey shows progress scoring and passing in pick-and-rolls


Sebastian Pruiti’s “Taking the Next Step” series for Basketball Prospectus turned to Rodney Stuckey today, and Pruiti was very impressed with Stuckey’s improvement running pick-and-rolls:

"Playing with his head up and demonstrating a willingness to share, Stuckey was not only able to hit the roll man when open, but he was also able to survey the court and hit cutters and spot-up shooters outside of the pick-and-roll. This is a huge reason why his assist rate jumped from 24.27 to 34.10 percent.Two seasons ago, Stuckey was looking for his own offense 61 percent of the time in the pick-and-roll. Last year, that number dropped to 51.1 percent."

Great stuff, and if you’re a Basketball Prospectus subscriber, you should check out the rest of the post, including the accompanying videos.