Michael Pina of Shaky Ankles:

In college, he..."/> Michael Pina of Shaky Ankles:

In college, he..."/>

Greg Monroe tabbed as “rising” center


Michael Pina of Shaky Ankles:

"In college, he was the unselfish friendly big man, always hanging out at the high post making sure everyone’s comfortable, like a big brother who protects his little siblings by standing taller than everyone else in the neighborhood. His technical skills were vast, and the way he made the Princeton offense sing made every first time viewer aware of the team’s best player before a basket was even scored.Either due to the depressing team he played for or the slow-but-steady-wins-the-race style he exudes, last year Greg Monroe went through one of the most delightful rookie seasons a center has had in years, and very few noticed."

Between this and Rob Mahoney of The Two Man Game projecting him as the second-best sophomore next year, Greg Monroe might finally be rated fairly based on his ability.