NBA Owners, Players Talking Again in ‘Last-Ditch Effort’


With all the bluster going on between the NBA players and owners, one side talking about an antitrust lawsuit and the other side talks about dissolving all agreed-upon contracts, it seems that cooler heads are prevailing behind the scenes. According to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski the two sides met Tuesday and are meeting again today in a “last-ditch effort”  to finally reach an agreement and get NBA games played by Christmas Day.

Wojnarowski quotes a source as saying “we should know more by later [Wednesday] evening.”

Information is still scarce at this point. I haven’t seen other NBA writers referencing any meetings, but Wojnarowski might be the best in the business so I don’t doubt his story. I will try and collect more information on the meetings throughout the day.

UPDATE: Howard Beck of the New York Times confirms the Yahoo story. And if you’re wondering how NBA owners and players can even negotiate after the players disclaimed the union, Beck writes that it is technically the lawyers for the two sides negotiating a settlement of the various lawsuits the two sides have filed against each other.  And if you’re additionally curious, Billy Hunter could be a part of that legal team.