The Detroit Pistons Interested in Mavericks’ Brendan Haywood…Again


This would be such a bass-ackwards move for the Pistons. Dallas Mavericks’ C Brendan Haywood is 31 years old on the decline. Honestly, I can remember everyone’s role on that squad except for his. I know that some Dallas faithfuls will say that he had a huge hand in the run that the Mavericks took during the postseason, but to bring him in to an organization that only has time to rekindle is moving in the wrong direction.

Haywood would not complement the players on the roster, only inhibit them. The Pistons would begin to stack the Center position, which is already pleasantly filled with both Ben Wallace (who is expendable at best) and Greg Monroe (a young basketball star on the rise). They would be left with one more player who they would have to find a way to wheel and deal next offseason.

Brendan Haywood would not even be such a prize to move, because he is not the man he used to be. The Pistons should strongly reconsider chasing the aging center before they add to the long list of mistakes that Joe Dumars is trying to stray away from.