Should We Be Proud or Ashamed of This Piston Fan’s Skills?


This man is, ostensibly, a Pistons fan, judging from his baggy Bad Boys-era Pistons sweatshirt. But it’s not only that. It’s also the luxuriously full mustache and the well-kept mullet. Anyone who can remember the franchise’s hey-day of the 80s can picture this guy fitting right into the crowd at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

He also has an amazing skills — an ability to whistle better than just about anybody. And he was able to channel that skill into a TV appearance to do a beautiful rendition of “Whistling on My Mind.” But those clothes. That mustache. That hair. Those facial expressions.

Please do yourself a favor: When he looks like he is getting read to whistle, close your eyes. Under no circumstances should you watch him perform this feat — you owe it to yourself. Listen to him belt out his tune for about 10 seconds and imagine what it must look like to do such a thing. And then open your eyes and prepare to be amazed and horrified.

Hat tip to The Basketball Jones