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Tracy McGrady reportedly will sign with Atlanta Hawks


Despite some lip service by both sides about a return to the Pistons, Tracy McGrady will sign with Atlanta according to ESPN:

"Tracy McGrady has agreed to a 1-year, veteran-minimum deal with the Atlanta Hawks, a source close to the situation told ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith."

I’m a bit surprised, to be honest. The Hawks will need bench help since they are probably losing Jamal Crawford to free agency, but I really expected McGrady to end up with a team closer to title contention. I also thought he might get a bit more than the veteran’s minimum since he managed to prove he could stay healthy last season.

This doesn’t impact the Pistons much. Even when McGrady signed last season, it had the appearance of a one-year rental type of situation. I wouldn’t have hated to see him back in the same role for the same contract, but losing him isn’t exactly a crushing blow either.