John Hollinger of ESPN:

I actually don'..."/> John Hollinger of ESPN:

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Tayshaun Prince signing gets thumbs up from John Hollinger


John Hollinger of ESPN:

"I actually don’t have a big problem with this contract. Like Butler and Dunleavy, Prince is 31; unlike those two, he rarely gets injured, and while he’s no longer an A-list defender, his offensive performance has suffered basically no drop-off over the past six seasons. The way Prince plays wouldn’t seem to make him susceptible to sudden decline; he stands two steps off everybody he guards and just uses his length, and offensively he’s mostly a mid-range jump shooter. If he loses a step, you’ll hardly notice.While the short-term ramifications aren’t terribly exciting — a bad, capped-out team signing a 31-year-old non-star — the Pistons can at least keep this asset for a future trade if nothing else. Players of this age are always a risk, but Prince is about as low-risk as a 31-year-old can get."