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Kyle Singler says Pistons were disappointed he decided to stay in Spain


Via, Kyle Singler talked about his decision to stay in Spain:

"Moving to the Spanish capital has given Singler the chance to play in the Euroleague, where he debuted Wednesday and scored eight points in 24 minutes in Madrid’s 101-83 win over Partizan.Singler said the Pistons were eager for him to return.“I haven’t talked to them very much but when I decided to stay I know they were a little disappointed,” Singler said. “But I wasn’t really focused on that. I was making a decision that was best for me.”"

In the past, the Pistons have encouraged second round picks to play overseas. But that was when the team was contending and the roster was full of veteran depth. Heading into this season, the Pistons had no aspirations of contending and actually had potential holes on the wing with Tayshaun Prince and Tracy McGrady entering free agency. I don’t know how much Singler would’ve played this season, especially in light of the fact that Prince was re-signed, but I think the team was clearly hoping to have him around as at the very least another option in case Austin Daye doesn’t prove capable of handling a larger role in the rotation.