Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski:
Rodney Stuc..."/> Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski:
Rodney Stuc..."/>

Pistons reportedly re-sign Rodney Stuckey for three years, $25 million


Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

"Rodney Stuckey has agreed to a 3 year, $25 deal to stay with Pistons, league source confirms to Y!"

Well, Stuckey got his $8 million per year, albeit for only three years as opposed to the five he was reportedly offered. Last night’s game showed the Pistons clearly need him, particularly defensively. Hopefully he’s motivated and continues to improve. If he does, this won’t be a bad deal for the Pistons. If he doesn’t, it won’t be a great deal, but at least it’s not five years.

Also, Mike Payne gave the move an interesting grade at DBB and Justin Rogers breaks down Stuckey’s tenure with the Pistons a bit at MLive.