Detroit Pistons’ Coaching Staff Big Key To Revitalizing a Lost Franchise


Detroit Pistons fans have more than just the efforts of rookie Brandon Knight and even the emergence of a guard combination between him and Rodney Stuckey to surge the franchise into a new era. The coaching staff standing behind the scenes is grabbing the reins from a disgruntled and utterly unprofessional John Kuester as he journeys into Laker land and they polish what was left behind.

Coach Lawrence Frank appears to be a refreshing function of hope within the organization as players have done nothing but speak highly of his presence and dedication to the team. What should also be examined is Coach Frank’s new take on preparing his team for the Cleveland exhibition match that the Pistons went on to lose due to sloppy mistakes on both ends of the court.

While it may be routine for players to be rested in shoot-arounds before a game so that they have fresh legs when it comes time to play, Frank had something else in mind. He kept the team for close to two hours while they were running individual drills as the practice was open to the media.

Another huge part of Frank’s game plan is to keep audiences captivated not only at the beginning of the season, but long throughout.

"“If we’re going to be a successful team, we better have a captive audience throughout the year,” Frank said. “You can’t just turn that switch off. What winning teams do, they’re always engaged, so that’s going to be a process … when you don’t feel like doing stuff that’s when there’s the accountability factor, you got to push through it, and that’s when you have to take ownership.”"

This type of culpability was not available when it came to former Pistons’ head coach John Kuester. There were so many things done within the franchise that refused the coach’s ownership of his own mistakes that the blame was essentially placed at the wrong doorstep. Kuester screwed up the aura and mentality of the franchise and Frank is taking the team by the horns to force in loose screws.

There are also other staff members such as Dee Brown, who will be working with the point guards, and Roy Rogers, who will undoubtedly take the task of molding and replenishing Greg Monroe’s potential, who are also promising factions in Frank’s coaching staff.

They are all around impressive and with a renewed attitude within the organization that the train may actually get back on track, the Detroit Pistons have a chance in even the most urgent of seasons. This is the perfect time to rebuild in order to fulfill what the future holds for the Pistons. Right now, Frank is simply trying out all of his options before he truly makes a splash within Detroit’s roster.

It is the best approach to take with a team who has been rattled enough.