Rodney Stuckey starts camp in great shape


After an extended lockout, I’m sure many teams were worried about players possibly returning in not so great shape (see: Chris Paul, apparently). Complicating matters for Rodney Stuckey, he missed part of camp and the first preseason game while resolving his contract status. But according to Justin Rogers at MLive, Stuckey’s physical condition shouldn’t be a hindrance as he plays catch-up:

"To his credit, Stuckey came into camp in excellent shape. He weighed in at 206 pounds, one pound lighter than when he came into the league. Outside of a two-week break, he said he worked out hard during the lockout, with a focus on cardio the past few weeks.“I just started running more long distance, running three or four miles a day,” Stuckey said.That will bode well for Stuckey if the Pistons push the pace more on offensive as Frank has been preaching since his arrival."

Stuckey has been begging for the Pistons to play faster virtually since his arrival in Detroit. And despite the somewhat complicated contact negotiations, it’s good to see he planned to be ready and in shape when he did finally sign.